Pigmentation / Melasma

Often known as the mask of pregnancy, this particular skin pigmentation will typically manifest itself in the form of blue-gray patches on the patients face.

Pico Laser

The Pico Laser gently disrupts the particles responsible for pigmentation, which in return reduces sun spots and discolouration.


Mesotherapy is perhaps the best treatment for melasma. This non-invasive treatment uses a transdermal injection of multivitamins to rejuvenate the skin.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel can be used to target certain regions of the skin to treat hyperpigmentation by removing the epidermis, which is the thin layer of outer skin.

Skin Supplements

Pigmentation on the face is typically caused by too much sun exposure. This can be reversed by incorporating vitamins and other supplements in your diet. By doing so, your skin will have the necessary protection and building blocks to rejuvenate it.

Clinical Grade Skincare

Clinical skin care incorporates ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and proteins to promote skin health and reduce pigmentation.

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