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Dr. Jest Wong, born in Kuala Lumpur in 1984, stands as a paragon of blending entrepreneurship with a humanitarian ethos. As the Managing Director of Westwood Clinic, his career spans nearly two decades in the aesthetics and wellness sector, where he’s known for pioneering the adoption of laser technologies and enhancing medical professional development. Beyond his commercial success, his leadership in Project Umbrella and involvement in mental health and wellness initiatives, including the notable “Re-Mind” program and various charitable activities, underscore his commitment to creating a positive impact on society. Dr. Wong’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the powerful synergy between business acumen and compassion.

Westwood Clinic

Core Values


We focus on reducing our impact by using advanced, energy-efficient technologies and selecting sustainable materials for our operations. This not only decreases our carbon footprint but also aligns us with a greener future.


Through comprehensive training and skill development for our staff, we aim to enhance service quality and foster a supportive, knowledgeable environment that benefits everyone involved.


We adhere to high ethical standards, ensuring data security and privacy while promoting a culture of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability in our governance practices.

Groups of Company

Discover the groups of company under Dr. Jest Wong’s leadership.

Community Wellbeing

Dr. Jest Wong spearheads initiatives blending charity with community support, from health to education, impacting lives globally.

Westwood Clinic

Awards & Recognitions

Dr. Jest Wong’s distinguished career is adorned with awards and honors, highlighting his innovative contributions to aesthetics and beyond.

Westwood Clinic
Westwood Clinic
Westwood Clinic
Westwood Clinic

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