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Here at Westwood, we take the holistic approach to beauty.
Our diverse array of treatments gives you a solution to every aesthetic concern.
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Our Happy Customers

Daniel from westwoodclinic
Daniel P
Dr. Jac was very attentive,she took the time to ensure I have the full picture about my skin condition. She recommended a solution and within a few days I saw improvements. I’ll definitely be going back to her for advice and recommendations.
westwood jj
I have extremely sensitive skin and have received various treatments from many aestheticians, none of which worked. However Dr Jac managed to crack the case. She helped alleviate my suffering with her expertise. All the treatments she has provided have been tailored specifically for me.
MC from Westwoodclinic
I had very bad acne due to the new normal of wearing a mask, this frustrated me. Dr Jac was very honest with what treatments I needed. My breakouts are less now and my skin feels rejuvenated. I trust her with my skin! 😊
westwood mc
Davina J-G
Dr Jacyln recommended that I obtain an initial blood test. The entire visit was pleasant. The staff and Dr Jacyln made me feel comfortable throughout my time there. Even though there were other people around at the time, their service was still quick and efficient.
westwood jj
Dr Jacyln is first class in her field of aesthetics. Her knowledge on skin care treatments are vast. I love her advice on skincare simply because it works. If there is anyone who I can trust with my beauty regime, it would be her.
westwood mc
Maria G
I came in for some advice on my skin. A very polite doctor approached me and made me feel so comfortable that I opened up to her like she was a friend. Till today I am under her guidance for my beauty regime.
Dr Jac really helped me out with my skin condition! She’s super experienced & professional yet friendly. She explained the procedures and recommended the best treatment for my skin. Dr Jest also provided an incredibly comfortable experience when I visited.
It really is an amazing clinic, very professional! I definitely recommend it to anyone who is in need of clean and efficient service! New technology and equipment, with a diverse array of procedures, I’m convinced they have a solution for every aesthetic problem.
westwood jj
Went in for a chemical peel, guess what? No more new acne! My face looks so much smoother and fresher, I have a few more sessions to go. I hope by the end of it I'll look even more youthful.
westwood mc
I had really bad dark circles under my eye. During the consultation I met Dr Jest who was very accommodating. After that I was given the treatment by a lovely doctor named Jaclyn! So far it really looks like it's working.
westwood mc
I had a wonderful experience with Dr Jac! She was so gentle and professional and as someone who's a little squeamish with needles her patience when conducting the treatment was very reassuring. Thank you for making me feel good about myself here.
westwood mc
My hair was thinning a lot before I started the treatment with Dr Jac, miraculously I could see immediate results and after my 6th treatment my hair doubled in thickness.
westwood jj
I had 4 sessions of scar removal treatment with Dr Jac, and I have to say I'm so happy with the results. Thank God for Dr Jac, she listened and consulted with me on what the best treatment would be.
westwood mc
Talk about a 5 star service! Dr Jest was super friendly and patient when it came to the consultation. He took his time to really get to know my aesthetic issue, to really make sure the treatment that he prescribed would have the best results possible.
westwood  mc
The best part about my experience here is the care and attention they gave me. Furthermore Dr Jest was incredibly professional and patient especially since this was my first visit so I’m very new to the whole aesthetic, beauty scene.
westwood mc
I'm really impressed with the service by the doctor, who is very attentive and professional. This was my first time so I really didn’t know what to expect, but now that I do, I know where the gold standard is!
westwood mc
I did the PRP treatment with Dr Jac and it was surprisingly quick and painless. She also took the time to explain in detail what the treatment was to make sure I knew what it was and how it could help get rid of my stretch marks.
westwood  mc
I came in to get a pico laser treatment, ended up going for a completely different treatment, this is the level of care and attention the doctors here give you, they ensure that you receive the best treatment for YOU because they know that everybody is different.
westwood mc
I got my pico laser done by Dr Jac! The whole procedure was quick and painless, the consultant Dr Jest really helped calm me down as I was nervous, he also did a fantastic job explaining the procedure and effects of it which was super helpful.
westwood jj
Convinced Dr Jac is a magician! The procedure was painless, which is good because I am quite squeamish. The entire ordeal went by so fast I barely felt anything. Big thank you to Dr Jest as well for being patient whilst explaining the entire process.
westwood mc
The doctors, the ambience, the equipment, the pricing and the responsiveness are all amazing! This is by far the best aesthetic clinic I've visited.Thank you so much Dr Jac and Dr Jest for the first class service!

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